STROYTEC Company dates its history from 2001. Established in the past by the graduates of the Military-engineering construction university Luch Ltd. was involved in interior finishing of the premises.

The major emphasis was put on the use of the new, so-called vandal-proof materials (decorative plastering, style paints, homogeneous coatings for floors, marble and granite chips). In the beginning the use was made of imported ingredients only (Terracco, Sofradecor), but later there appeared domestic analogues comparable by quality to the western materials. (Rusmix, Polidom, etc.) These materials were used in finishing works for St. Petersburg State University, Kievskaya Hotel, Dom na Telmana TSZh (householders society), etc. The advantages of these technologies are self-evident: they include both the budget options and examples of «de luxe» class.

The second direction of development from 2002 became the execution of the high-quality finishing works with participation of designers. Such co-operation lead to search for new technologies, materials of new level. Moreover, in addition to the never-fading «classic» and «de luxe» style the new styles like «HI TECH» and «minimalism» became fashionable. Technologies and materials applied in finishing became more laconic and customers started to look to the Orient. Rattan, bamboo, fabrics became fashionable. Mainly, these are used by private customers for repair of apartments or prestigious offices.

In 2004 several companies operating on the construction market merged into STROYTEC CJSC, which resulted in significant expansion of the types of construction services, increase of portfolio of orders and quality of performed works.

From this time our company discontinued its involvement in repair of apartments or small commercial premises, and started to execute the projects from several hundreds to several thousands of square meters.

One of the major advantages of employing our company is that the Customer will be offered a large range of services, from estimation of the expected costs to performance of finishing works on the «turn-key» basis, including sanitary and electrical installation works.

The warranty term of obligations undertaken by the company before Customers amounts to 1 — 3 years depending on the type of works and selected material.

By the decision No.46-P (21 March, 2008), on the basis of the positive recommendations of participants in the Union, STROYTEC CJSC is the full member of the Union of Construction Organizations and Associations.

The construction risks are insured in several insurance companies of the city.

At present the company employs more than one hundred twenty workers and twenty engineers and technicians. All employees, including workers, have qualification certificates, diplomas or certificates of completion of the appropriate courses. If necessary to employ the foreign workers from the Ukraine and Belorus they are issued with work permits.

The company's own automobile fleet consists of the vehicles of the foreign and domestic make. Besides, the material-technical base comprises more than ninety items of the professional power tools, mainly by Japanese company Makita.

The license issued by the construction committee permits performance of a wide range of construction tasks starting from preparation of the jobsite for construction and ending with execution of the functions of the general contractor.

The annual growth rate of sales of the company in average amounts to 23.7%.

The employees of our Company offer free-of-charge consultations on site and preparation of the condensed estimate of costs of construction works and services.