of premises

The Company performs the entire range of repair jobs, starting with reinforcement of bearing structures and up to commissioning of the facility, including the utilities, replacement of windows and doors.

supervision services

Another type of services offered by our Company is performing the functions of a customer.


The Designing Department of our Company renders services on preparation of documents necessary for performing the building and assembly jobs in compliance with the customers.

of doors and windows

It is not a secret that beautiful doors contribute significantly to creating the interior; therefore, our Company cooperates with a number of organizations manufacturing and selling them.


Before starting designing, we recommend to carry out the work on examination of the existing constructions.

Extra service

This proposal is for those who have just purchased a new office, for those who need to urgently put in order the premises after the old owners.

The essence of our proposal is as follows: we offer to accomplish the repairs within the shortest possible time period and at a fixed price.

The scope of work comprises repainting of ceilings or assembly of suspended ceilings, repainting or re-pasting of wallpaper, replacement of flooring as well as electric outlets (plug sockets, switches) and sanitary engineering appliances.

All these jobs are performed within 10 days!

The price is fixed and amounts to 1500 rubles for 1 sq. m.
With the cost of building materials.